1 Mayıs 1976 Emek ve Dayanışma Bayramı Kutlamaları - İstanbul

Labor Day, Istanbul May 1, 1976


The globe held in the palms of a hand and flowers scattered on the ground.

In April of 1976, the walls were covered with these posters announcing how DISK (Confederation of Revolutionary Workers’ Unions of Turkey) would celebrate May 1st as Labor Day. It was important to recognize May 1st as Labor Day after many years. I went to Istanbul to photograph such a momentous occasion. Since the DISK administration would walk from Besiktas, I began working at the top of İnönü Football Stadium and continued at Taksim Square. This celebration, which was held at a time when right-wing government was in power, was a democratic achievement. Despite being frightened, the celebrations ended before an incident occurred


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